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by Jason Stoltz


The Sea of Green (SOG) has been popular for years, and the SCROG method relies on the same features, but growers add a screen that can maximize light exposure. Screens can be as simple as chicken wire or nylon netting that allows you to hold back the tops of the growing canopy. Ideally, the screen should have holes with a 5-cm diameter.


Screens should be kept as close to your lights as possible, and you can train your plants' tops to increase the number of marijuana buds that have access to light. Screens are kept between the growing medium and your favorite Cannabis plants. Generally, marijuana gardeners put one plant for every 30 square centimeters of screen. If you're not sure, it's better to use less plants rather than more. You can grow all of our marijuana strains with the SCROG method, and it works just as good with Indicas as it does with Sativas. Because Cannabis Sativa has a tendency to stretch during the first few weeks of flowering, the plants are an ideal option, and you can use the screen to keep the total height of your indoor marijuana garden down, making sure that your buds do not burn under intense indoor lights.

Scrog Method Cannabis


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